Affiliate Info

It's simple. For $10.00 a month, you can become a HCA. You can sell s much as you like. It's really up to you! Remember you will receive 20% commission on all retail sales through your HCA site.

EXAMPLE: A customer purchases a Versatile Maxi  ($59)  through your personalized HCA website. With this first sale, you will have already covered your monthly fee and made a profit! 


Become A HC Affiliate Today

Begin Your Journey as a HC Affiliate (HCA)


As a Hush Consultant Affiliate (HCA), you will play an important role in Our Company The program gives you a platform to sell and promote high quality, stylish products online through your own dedicated affiliate website

What do you get?

  • Personalized Hush consultant Affiliate Website for customers to make their Exotic Hush  purchase(s)
  • 25 business cards to start launching your sales
  • Welcome Packet
  • Your very own Hush Consultant Sponsor